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COVID19 Communication

Dear Affiliate,

The World is going through an unprecedented time and with whole countries going into lockdown, we fully expect things to change like never before.
Firstly, we want to reassure you that we remain committed to our affiliate programme and that all affiliates who have completed all due diligence verification checks requested by us and who comply with the terms of our Affiliate Agreement will continue to get paid pursuant to said agreement.
We would however like to remind you that under clause 5.13(m) of the Affiliate Agreement you warrant that “you shall not, nor shall you authorise, allow, assist, or encourage any third party to…directly or indirectly engage in benefit from any act or traffic that involves any Prohibited Activity”.
Prohibited Activity means an actual or attempted act by you, any Customer or any Third Party Promoter (when applicable), which is reasonably deemed by us to be: (a) in breach of any Applicable Law; (b) made in bad faith; or (c) intended to defraud us or any Site and/or circumvent any contractual or legal restrictions, regardless of whether such act or attempted act actually causes us or any of the Sites any damage or harm.
Please note that we consider any traffic that relies on references to COVID19 (in any way), or on the global crisis resulting from the virus to be a Prohibited Activity.
We remain available to affiliates should you wish to discuss your models for driving traffic in order to confirm whether they fulfil our criteria.
Yours sincerely,
GVC Compliance Team